Sellwood Bee Article on IS Day PDX 2017

Excited to share the article just out in The Sellwood Bee, covering our International Sculpture Day PDX 2017 celebration!

Link to online article:

(scroll down to the 10th article on above link)

The printed version may be slightly different, so be sure to pick up the July 2017 issue if you are heading to Sellwood this month!

To all participating artists, sponsors, organizers and guests….Thanking each one of you for your huge part in the great success of IS Day PDX 2017!!!

Amazing job everyone!
xoxo Alisa

Here is a photo from our member Paul Haist:
01-PH-20170421-IS-Day-2017-speaker SH-s
Above Photo: Sam Hingston (center stage) wows the audience with his talk describing his sculpture and complex building process at the IS Day PDX 2017 in April, with MC Jennifer Corio supporting him.