Enamel Wall Reliefs

Culture Series: From One Earth (Spirit Mask)
Acceptance Series: Wave Dream (Spirit Mask)
Desert Series: Roadrunner (Spirit Mask)
Desert Series: Joshua Tree Guardian (Spirit Mask)
Desert Series: Indian Canyon Guide (Spirit Mask)
Culture Series: Tapestry of Hearts (Spirit Mask)
Artist Series: Drawing Guide (Spirit Mask)
Acceptance Series: I am a River (Spirit Mask)
Artist Series: Living Sculpture (Spirit Mask)
Artist Series: Painting Guide (Spirit Mask)
Nature Series: Nature Spirit III (Spirit Mask)
Nature Series: Biking Guide II (Spirit Mask)
Travel Guardian (Spirit Mask)
ALooney-Bicycle Guide Sp mask-Web
Nature Spirit-Mask-ALooney-6in
A.Looney-Gentle messenger
Joy of Life! (Joie de vivre!) Wall Platter
Sea Grace (Wall Platter)
Grace (Wall Platter)