U P C O M I N G    W O R K S H O PS 

Online Classes on the way!

Believe it or not, those of you who have been waiting for my online classes will soon be pleasantly surprised! Thank you for your patience with our big move. I have been taking some fantastic videos, photos and detailed notes of my process over the past few years and have some incredible tools and techniques to share with you! Now that we are settled I have the time to assemble these materials and bring these skills directly to your studio. I know many of you have requested this online option for enamel on steel, granular spray, sgraffito, and watercolor enamel painting techniques. I am so very grateful to have learned from my incredibly skilled enameling teacher and past professor John Killmaster, who has given me his blessing to pass these techniques on to you. Be sure to keep an eye out for my unveiling, as this is a wonderful solution for those of you who can not travel and already have a studio to work in at your own pace. Thank you for your continued interest. I’m really Excited!!!


W O R K S H O P    S C H E D U L E


at Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation

Draw & Paint with GLASS on STEEL – Alisa Looney Mar. 21- Mar. 24, 2019

I am thrilled to be offering this 4-day workshop at the state of the art enameling facility of Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation in Bellevue, Kentucky (Cincinnati area).

Workshop Description:
Set yourself free with granular spray, sgraffito and watercolor enamel techniques.
Achieve Fine Detail on Wall Relief (Spirit Mask), Panels and Jewelry.
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Don’t miss this chance to experience working in an environment where their  “mission is to teach, support, and inspire the creation and use of enameled art and jewelry by hobbyists, artists, students, and educators worldwide.”… And not to mention seeing their extensive museum collection and the nearby Thompson Enamel factory!



at Charmed I’m Sure Studio

Glass on Steel: Spirit Masks & Jewelry

June 14-16, 2019  – in Mechanicsburg, PA

I am really excited to offer this 3 day workshop on the East coast!
Learn proper steel prep for a successful ground coat, granular spray, sgraffito and watercolor techniques.
Registration deadline: April 30th

To register: Jean Van Brederode:




5-Day Summer Intensive

July 8-12, 2019

Go into depth with enamel on steel at our Bend, Oregon Studio.

Scheduled upon request, I am excited to offer this 5 day workshop to up to 5 participants who want to spend some extra  quality time with this craft.  We will begin by studying many samples, and learning what is possible with each technique. Participants will have 5 days to develop work while creating their choice of Panel, Wall Relief or sculpture, as well as test pieces and jewelry. You will learn to cut and shape the steel, how to prepare the surface for enameling, apply the ground coat and fire in the kiln. Next you will add the white granular spray layer and sgraffito methods to achieve fine detail with ease and control when drawing images, textures and marks in glass while also learning firing temps and techniques. Add depth and color with color spray and sgraffito, painting with Watercolor Enamels, Acrylic Enamels and Enamel Crayons, and explore with layering and highlighting using various tools for marks, effects and textures. The possibilities will expand your horizons!

There are wonderful places to stay nearby in Sun River, and many fun outdoor adventures await during your down time, hikes, bikes, floating the river,

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you the skinny!



Excited to share this Alchemy with you!






  > Oct 5 & 6, 2018  – “SEE US: Advocacy, Authenticity, Artistry”

     2018- IAEA Fall CONFERENCE, Meridian, Idaho

Friday Morning Keynote, Breakout Session and Saturday Master Classes w/ Alisa Looney

Friday Afternoon Keynote and Master Classes w/ Cherryn Wight

Saturday Master Classes w/ Wade Womack, picture framer and woodblock printer

plus Optional Sunday Workshop-Enamel on Steel- w/ Keynote, Alisa Looney,

enamelist/sculptor and John Killmaster, Master Enamelist and BSU Professor Emeritis

at Fire Fusion Studio, Sunday, Oct. 7th 9:30 am – 4:30 pm  –  FULL

***Note: if you are wanting to attend this workshop but are not attending the conference, for registration instructions please email By Sept 28:

Conference Registration & More Info



E N A M E L    W O R K S H O P S:

Draw and Paint with Glass on Steel:

   > Oct 12 & 13, 2018  – Pioneer Craft HouseSalt Lake City, Utah – FULL

2 day workshop           Registration deadline: Sept 21st:

Jan Harris Smith,, 360-713-1004

Or Jodi McRaney-Rusho, 801-865-7911

more info