SCULPTURE – Inspiration, Process & Intent

This short video captures the essence of my inspiration, process and intent, including footage of dance, drawing, welding and enamel (glass) on steel processes. Beautifully filmed and produced by ENGAGE PHOTO AND VIDEO in Portland Oregon.

CREATIVE DANCE PORTLAND                                

Much of my work originates in dance – from the actual experience of dancing, as well as from drawing the dancers and capturing the movement in gesture drawings, then returning to the studio to paint and explore these images further. I often re-create them in enamel (layers of glass) on steel sculptures or jewelry, or transform them into 3 dimensional sculptures of human form. This video beautifully captures the essence of the group dances we do in Creative Dance Portland each week, which inspires me greatly.  Led by Yael Schweitzer at Opening to Life Studio on Wednesday mornings. Video produced by ENGAGE PHOTO AND VIDEO. Enjoy!