Killmaster – ART AND SOUL


ART AND SOUL – The Career of John Killmaster

by Christopher R. Schnoor

Is now available for purchase on

Our team is thrilled to Launch this book! We all enjoyed creating it with John, and are so excited to give the world a valuable resource to hold in their hands. Enjoy!


About the Book:

This beautifully illustrated biography is an in-depth study of John Killmaster’s life and work as an artist and educator, written by author and art critic Christopher R. Schnoor. Killmaster is known worldwide as an innovator in enamel art, primarily creating large scale porcelain enamels, kiln-fired on steel panels in wall reliefs and freestanding sculpture, and contributing to the development of new enamel-based mediums. His mission has been to liberate enameling from being perceived as a minor craft, elevating it to its acceptance as fine art. Additionally, the book’s wealth of images underscores his independent nature and sensibility in a range of mediums including gouache, acrylic and oil painting, work that has found itself in both museum and private collections. His unique aesthetic continues to inform his ongoing output.

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