“Your image captures the essence of my performance!” – Sue Ellen Liss www.heartspace.us

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Sue Ellen Pendant 600 on black

Sue Ellen Dances with Heart Pendant Enamel (glass) on Steel approx. 1.25” h x 1” w x .25” d Commissioned by Sue Ellen Liss to commemorate her One Woman Show "Finding the Lost Spark" performed at the Fertile Ground Festival in Portland, OR
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Enamel for Diane McClure-ALooney

Loving Embrace Pendant Enamel (glass) on Steel approx. 1.5” h x 1.25” w x .25” d Commissioned by my dear long time friend to honor the love she shares with her husband. It was a huge honor to create this deeply meaningful piece for her. It was also exciting to see the rich colors in translucent layers of depth, when it came out of the kiln!
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Tree Pendant for Leighton

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5 spirits for Ruth

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floral earrings Denise

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Sailboat Kristen-p Denise-ear

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winter 2-Lucinda

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Sophie pendant

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Flo Trailer pendant