Join us in Palm Desert on Feb 5th!


You are invited to join us in Palm Desert on February 5th to celebrate

Desert Art Collection’s 20th Anniversary

at that evening’s 1st Friday Artwalk from 4-8 P.M.

The 12×12 Silent Auction Fundraiser benefiting Hanson House begins that evening.


Included in the silent auction:
By Alisa Looney
painted steel, 12″ t x 7″ w x 4″ d

This was the second of two Artist Proofs, made in the early stages of designing this piece. Only two of this size were made, the first was purchased by a collector in Northern California.

TEACHING GRACE captures the tender moment of introducing a child to nature. Mother holds her hand up high, allowing a bird to perch safely away from the child’s reach. They are standing on a cloud, to denote the magic of the moment. Intended to inspire appreciation of nature’s precious wildness, while also stirring curiosity, joy and wonder. Painted blue to bring attention to our deep connection to nature, open skies and free flowing rivers – the source of all life.

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