Culture Series: From the Same Earth (Spirit Mask)


Title: Culture Series: From One Earth (Spirit Mask)

by Alisa Looney

“From One Earth” is part of my Culture Series. This series was created to explore the many ways that we cope with the cultural challenges we face and how we find meaningful moments amidst these challenges: connecting to nature, to each other and through creative expression.

The two figures were inspired by a dance duet, capturing the feeling of working and playing together peacefully and joyfully. This spirit mask portrays the vision of two humans, each coming from different backgrounds, cultures and races, living in peace and moving in harmony.

Vitreous enamel on plasma-cut and hammered steel. Enamel Techniques: Granular spray, sgraffito and watercolor enamel.

Wall piece

10.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches

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